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Preparing NI43-101 Compliant Technical Reports

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

By David Seers Senior Geology Consultant (in Study) at Mining Plus

As activity among junior explorers and project developers heats up, Mining Plus increasingly receives requests to produce NI43-101 compliant Technical Reports.

Clients use these reports for listing on Toronto´s Venture Stock Exchange (TSX.v) or for promoting projects to private investors; NI43-101 format ensures that data is in a standardized format that investors are familiar with.

Oftentimes, requests are for a maiden Technical Report, which can present different challenges compared to Properties with a prior Technical Report. These challenges include; no recorded access routes, no logistical support and a lack of available information and data reliability. Mining Plus has the experience and knowledge to overcome these challenges.

The preparation of Technical Reports requires the following stages:

  1. Desktop research

  2. Compilation of multi-faceted data sets (i.e. geology, remote sensing, geochemistry, geophysics, drilling) using GIS. Often including the digital capture of historical paper records

  3. Site-visit and independent sampling.

  4. Production of summary maps highlighting data distribution and key mineralizing controls

  5. Production of the Technical Report, including:

  • Recommended next-steps to advance geological understanding of the property

  • Identification of conceptual exploration targets and,

  • For suitable Properties, Mining Plus will set out the steps required to develop a compliant Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE).

During the desktop research phase, Mining Plus often collects publicly available data that the client was not aware of (i.e. remote sensing, SRTM topography and regional geology) this data is “value added” to all properties.

Undertaking a 5-day site visit as part of an NI 43-101 for a Greenfield gold project in the Puno region of Peru.
Undertaking a 5-day site visit as part of an NI 43-101 for a Greenfield gold project in the Puno region of Peru. The site visit required long treks along rivers, cutting through the Jungle and fly camping.

Mining Plus has experienced geologists available to advance the recommendations set out in their Technical Reports and support their clients as they advance the understanding of mineral potential at their property and potentially develop a maiden MRE.

For more information on NI43-101s and how it can help your project, get in touch with the Mining Plus team here.


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