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OPERATE - Mine Operations

Mining Plus stands behind our work and deploys our specialists to site as project execution partners,  maintaining an industry-leading record with over 45% of team hours spent at active operations. We take pride in our ability to deliver sustainable value with ‘boots on the ground’ whether it be geological program management, technical services and mine planning or operations improvement initiatives. 


Our journey extends beyond the delivery of a design, with the end goal of helping our clients convert a concept into real bottom-line values.

Corporate Strategy Development

Technical Due Diligence

Exploration Strategy

Assets Appraisal

Acquisitions & Mergers Advisory

Independent Technical Expert

Expert (legal) Witness

Mine Planning Software Selection

Grade Control Studies

Reconciliation Studies


Scoping/ Order Of Magnitude Studies

Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)

Pre-feasibility Studies (PFS)

Feasibility Studies (FS)

Mine Optimisation

Detailed Mine Designs

Detailed (LOM) Scheduling

3D Geological Resource Modelling

JORC, NI 43-101 Reporting

Execution Planning

Mine Ventilation & Design


Project Execution

Business Support & Productivity Improvements

Partner & Alliance Model

Operations Management

Operation Audits

Grade Control Systems

Site Technical Secondments

Operational Readiness

Short & Medium Term Mine Scheduling

Resource Definition Drilling



The Mining Plus Geology team understands that the critical input into any mining study is the resource block model.  The team is adept at ensuring the resource estimation is as accurate geologically as possible with any risks and variables understood and documented effectively.

Working closely with the Mining Engineering team to understand what attributes of the projects geology are needed within the resource model to develop an efficient and effective design leads to less rework at the block model handover point and works to “get it right the first time”.


Mining Plus offers a unique position; we will take our designs through to operations. With the larger Byrnecut Group of Companies, we can offer full-service underground tribute mining for your deposit. With this group, we can also offer a very capable Operations Review and give feedback on how your operation is performing. We can lead the Business Improvement process capitaliSing on the human capital you already have employed at your mining project.

Mine planning provides solutions through the application of all current and relevant information. Accurate life of mine planning is essential to the operation and the future economic success of your mining project.

Mine production solutions are delivered through a detailed understanding of the mine schedule and mine infrastructure constraints. Mining Plus has extensive experience in drill and blast design, general production and implementation in Narrow vein to large cave mining methods and small satellite to large bulk surface/open pit mining methods.


Getting the systems and processes right at a mine site can add significant value through the reduction of unnecessary dilution, optimiSation of ground support and tracking and implementation of continuous improvement processes during the mining cycle.

A key component to Ground Control Management Plans is the calibration of models as mining progresses, to constantly build on the body of knowledge regarding the rockmass, and making a safer and more efficient mine day after day and year after year.

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