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Technology and Innovation at Mining Plus

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

By Marco Alencar

Manager of North East Australia and Innovation, Mining Plus

As the global population grows, so does the demand and shortage of minerals and metals that are essential to power human progress. Now more than ever the mining industry is under pressure to integrate innovation into core business operations.

To continue successfully powering human progress, the mining industry must think of new ways to operate and invest in cutting edge technologies to become efficient and sustainable. Yet, mining companies are often hesitant to move beyond the core innovation and technological initiatives that most of their competitors have already taken advantage of. Lack of a clear vision to guide and enable longer-term transformations is also a common theme in the industry.

At Mining Plus we believe Innovation is successfully achieved through industry and social collaboration. We have a dedicated team that have worked on over 1,850 projects, for 630 customers, in 40 countries, over a range of different commodities, bringing together the expertise and experience of the mining community to create a knowledgeable internal network and bench marking knowledge. Our team has built a diverse skill base and reputation in innovation, considering all key elements (Process, People and System) while introducing a new solution.

From assisting mining operations to reduce their carbon footprint, analysing automation and autonomous mining benefits, uncovering new ways to process minerals and understanding it's value to the overall study, develop innovative onsite processes, and/or partnering with key stakeholders, Mining Plus brings not just a wealth of experience (allowing accurate bench-marking), but also works independently from solutions providers. Therefore, ensuring all options available in the market are considered without a biased viewpoint. In addition, new technologies can be tested at the sites we operate before larger roll-outs, adding value at a lower risk to customer and solution provider.

While we look at many different aspects of a mine project or operation, business improvement and process mapping are the first steps our team take to uncover opportunities. Our technological approach aims to collaboratively identify the key technology initiatives that will drive the mine to a safer and more productive asset. It focuses on the most important high-level objectives so the asset owner and mine operator can plan and deliver on the milestones. We pride ourselves in being able to provide an end-to-end solution in geology, geotech and mining engineering.

With a continuous improvement mindset and framework, our team aims to identify and address common mining sector problems, and provide a communication network to develop cutting edge solutions for the use of the industry at large, at a pace that puts us ahead of the game.

To find out more about our technology and innovation capabilities and how it can help your mining project, email us directly here.

Check out our Mining Plus Continuous Improvement in Innovation and Technology framework Flyer here.


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