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Define - Corporate & Strategy

The process of defining a corporate strategy, or exploration program, can be blinding. Having a partner assist in their development can make the process clearer.

Over many years Mining Plus has adopted the attitude of “get it right the first time”. This attitude has been realized by seeing project value eroded by decisions being made due to cost alone. Our Core Services, offered in our disciplines of Geology, Geotechnical Engineering and Mining Engineering, are Define, Design and Operate.

Corporate Strategy Development

Technical Due Diligence

Exploration Strategy

Assets Appraisal

Acquisitions & Mergers Advisory

Independent Technical Expert

Expert (legal) Witness

Mine Planning Software Selection

Grade Control Studies

Reconciliation Studies


Scoping/ Order Of Magnitude Studies

Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)

Pre-feasibility Studies (PFS)

Feasibility Studies (FS)

Mine Optimisation

Detailed Mine Designs

Detailed (LOM) Scheduling

3D Geological Resource Modelling

JORC, NI 43-101 Reporting

Execution Planning

Mine Ventilation & Design


Project Execution

Business Support & Productivity Improvements

Partner & Alliance Model

Operations Management

Operation Audits

Grade Control Systems

Site Technical Secondments

Operational Readiness

Short & Medium Term Mine Scheduling

Resource Definition Drilling




Geologists play a key role throughout the discovery, definition, and mining processes. Understanding the geology and its control on the mineralisation is a key component in the successful advancement of a project through to mining. Throughout a projects life the timely and effective collection and storage of robust geological information about the size, orientation, grade and host environment of the deposit is critically important.

Getting these aspects right will deliver an effective and efficient exploration drill program that suits the strategic plan of a company and is therefore able to add significant value to a mining project. Whether the strategy is to define a maiden resource or upgrade an existing resource for a conceptual mining study, the Mining Plus geology team has the practical mine operations’ experience to know that the end game is to commercialise the deposit.


Mining Engineering is a key input into the mining process. Understanding the mine size and grade is key to all downstream processes. Undertaking a Mining Concept Study early will save progressing with a project with the wrong production rate; this is about “getting it right the first time” and that it is a “fit for purpose design.” It is a deposits geometry and geology that dictate production rate.



Geotechnical Engineers play a key role in the mining process. Understanding the geotechnical conditions is a key component in the successful advancement of a project through to mining.

As important throughout a projects life is the timely and effective collection and storage of robust geotechnical information about the expected and actual ground conditions of the site.  There is not a great deal of data that need to be collected, but it is critical that it is the right data, collected at the right time.  Having a good knowledge of the ground conditions is critical in the mine design and sequence process.

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