The Mining Plus geotechnical engineering team applies a combination of technical expertise and practical experience to your exploration and mining projects, allowing you to more effectively manage and control geotechnical hazards and risks. We have experience in analysing, designing and advising on all geotechnical aspects for both open cut and underground operations.


Our aim is to provide customers with cost effective solutions to adequately control geotechnical risks, uphold high operational safety standards and to enable successful project execution. With a detailed understanding of your geotechnical setting and conditions, tailored designs and management plans can be implemented for the mining operation to ensure efficient mining activities, whilst ensuring all stability, safety and regulatory conditions are met.

The Mining Plus team offers three key geotechnical engineering consultancy services to the resources industry:


  • Desktop studies of existing information

  • Geotechnical component of mining studies

  • Geotechnical investigation and data collection including mapping, core logging and field testing

  • Rockmass characterisation assessment for mining studies

  • Geotechnical parameter definition for utilisation in analysis and designs

  • Ground support and stabilisation design

  • Numerical analysis, limit equilibrium and probabilistic design methodology

  • Geotechnical risk analysis, hazard identification and management plans

  • Post-failure rehabilitation and recovery plans

  • Geotechnical input to mining method selection studies

  • Blasting assessments and design advice to maintain rockmass integrity

  • Rockmass monitoring / instrumentation

  • Waste rock dump stability assessments

  • Project management and site support

  • Development of Ground Control Management Plans (GCMP)


  • Portal, decline, orebody access development assessments

  • Shaft design and inspections

  • Stope and pillar layout, design and sequencing

  • Caving analysis and design

  • Principal stress testing & interpretation

  • Site support, supervision, operator training

  • Modelling of stress and displacements

  • Development of seismic monitoring systems


  • Slope design and design input

  • Rock fall hazard inspections and analysis

  • Waste rock dump design & inspections

  • Blasting inspections and advice for final wall control

  • Site support, supervision, operator training