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Mining Plus Continuing Work with Barton Gold as They Achieve Further Success with Tarcoola Project

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Mining Plus is looking forward to continuing to assist Barton Gold with their Tarcoola project as they announce over 25 new shallow targets identified by GPR across 2.6km2 of the ML around the Perseverance Mine. New tech = new opportunities.

Below is the announcement from Barton Gold Holding Limited.


Multiple New Shallow Targets Identified at Tarcoola Gold Project


• Preliminary analysis of data from GPR survey completed at the Tarcoola Gold Project has

identified multiple new shallow (~10-50m deep) targets and anomalies on ML6455

• First Tarcoola Phase 2 drilling assay results expected in the coming weeks

Barton Gold Holdings Limited (ASX: BGD) (Barton or the Company) is pleased to announce that Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has identified several new shallow targets at the Tarcoola Gold Project.

Figure 1 – DGPR Survey Area with New Vein Targets (Yellow) & Other Anomalies
Figure 1 – DGPR Survey Area with New Vein Targets (Yellow) & Other Anomalies

These include ~2 dozen vein-like targets, a shallow (~8m deep) stockwork-like intrusive anomaly, and a shallow (~12m deep) dome-like anomaly. All new targets and anomalies are located on ML6455 within ~1.5km of the historical high-grade Perseverance Mine. Several of these are located in the northern and southern portions of the survey area, which have historically seen very little drilling activity.

The GPR produced effective penetration and high resolution to 40-50m depth throughout the target area, with penetration and clear imaging up to 70m depth in certain areas. A total ~115 line-km of data was acquired at a 20m spacing over a survey area of ~2.6km on ML6455.

Other Material Outcomes

In addition to the discrete targets identified in Figure 1 above, multiple new areas and targets indicative of significant folding and faulting have been identified across the GPR survey area, which may be analogous to previously recognised and mineralised structures elsewhere on ML6455.

Figure 2 – Tarcoola GPR Profile 3629-3647 Indicating Multiple Significant Structural Features
Figure 2 – Tarcoola GPR Profile 3629-3647 Indicating Multiple Significant Structural Features

Notably, the GPR survey has also successfully identified and mapped the granite contact across ~3km of the survey area. Gold mineralisation at Tarcoola is structurally and stratigraphically controlled and is preferentially deposited at the intersection of mineralising structures and chemically favourable lithological units such as the Peela Conglomerate, which overlies the granite contact.

The Peela Conglomerate acts as a rheological trap for gold mineralisation in the Perseverance Shear, and was the primary source of high-grade mineralisation extracted from the Perseverance Mine during 2018.

Figure 3 – Granite Trace (Magenta) Across GPR Survey Area (Blue Outline) on ML6455
Figure 3 – Granite Trace (Magenta) Across GPR Survey Area (Blue Outline) on ML6455

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey Overview

In March 2020 Barton completed a high-resolution airborne geophysical survey over ~143km2 of the ML6455 and EL6210 tenements. Processing of the survey data identified a new ‘target channel’ favourable for potential structural repeats of the high-grade mineralisation and deposit model encountered in the Perseverance Mine, including three main targets on ML6455 identified by 3D modelling.

Figure 4 – Potential Near-Mine ‘Perseverance Repeat’ Targets within ML6455
Figure 4 – Potential Near-Mine ‘Perseverance Repeat’ Targets within ML6455

In July 2021 Barton commissioned Ultramag Geophysics to undertake a deep GPR survey to investigate shallow subsurface structure to complement the seismic reprocessing and new Tarcoola 3D regional structural model interpreted during 2020. 4 The main objective was to image the granite contact across the survey area and map faults, veins and other anomalies for follow-up drilling.

Figures 5 & 6 – GPR survey adjacent to high-grade Perseverance Mine and Tarcoola Blocks area
Figures 5 & 6 – GPR survey adjacent to high-grade Perseverance Mine and Tarcoola Blocks area

The GPR surveys form part of the works co-funded by the Company’s recent $300,000 ADI grant awarded by the Government of South Australia.

Next Steps

GPR survey data will be integrated with the high-resolution magnetic survey data collected during 2020, the data from recently completed regional gravity surveys at the Tarcoola Gold Project, and other historical exploration and drilling data to further define the new Tarcoola 3D regional structural architecture interpreted during 2020, and to identify and prioritise targets for Phase 3 follow up drilling at Tarcoola.

Commenting on the preliminary GPR survey results, Barton MD Alexander Scanlon said:

"We are very excited to share these preliminary results, which strongly validate the theses generated from our prior work and highlight multiple exciting new targets on ML6455 near the open pit. The GPR survey results have not only identified the location of these targets, but have also provided the precise orientation of multiple thick veins targets intruding to near surface. This opens up the potential for significant discoveries of new mineralisation via more precise and cost-effective drilling.

We are the first to trial GPR in the Tarcoola region, co-funded by the South Australian Government’s Accelerated Discovery Initiative (ADI). These preliminary outcomes clearly justify larger-scale trial applications of this technique, and highlight the value of Barton’s innovation-driven approach.

The area covered by the GPR survey represents only a small snapshot, ~2.6km2 of the ~1,200km2 Tarcoola Gold Project area. To identify so many previously unrecognised shallow structures and features within this small area highlights the significant untapped potential of the Project.

We look forward to pending assay results from our recent Tarcoola Phase 2 drilling program and will thereafter undertake a detailed integrated analysis to leverage our now considerable data package for large-scale discovery and reanimation of gold production at the Tarcoola Gold Project.”

Authorised by the Board of Barton Gold Holdings Limited.

Source: Barton Gold Holdings Limited. For further information:

Alexander Scanlon, Managing Director,, +61 425 226 649

Elvis Jurcevic, Investor Relations,, +61 408 268 271

Shannon Coates, Company Secretary,, +61 8 9322 1587

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