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Mining Plus Completes Drill Program For High Purity Quartz Limited

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Mining Plus & High Purity Quartz – 28th February 2020

High Purity Quartz Limited completes Phase 1 Drill program

Mining Plus Pty Ltd (MP) has completed a drill program at the Sugarbag Hill project on behalf of High Purity Quartz Ltd, who now trade under the name of Ultra HPQ (UHPQ) The program was designed to build on the existing Inferred JORC level resource and to confirm key data for the processing study that is contracted to commence.

Mining Plus notes that the efficacy of the drill program will enable UHPQ to demonstrate an additional level of resource confidence to investors and proceed towards commencement of a Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS).

Project Manager Nick Nifakos (Mining Plus) commented “the program will highlight key near-term development parameters that will assist UHPQ to unlock deep seated intrinsic value”.

UHPQ intends to be a new entrant in the global ultra-high purity quartz sand market, with near term plans to join a very limited group of producers. UHPQ aims to supply manufacturers of ultra-high purity applications such as quartzware, optics, solar PV and semiconductor wafers. UHPQ will export its products under an Offtake and Sales & Distribution Agreement signed mid-2019 with Wogen Resources Limited.

UHPQ CEO Stuart Jones commented “green tech investors should take note of this niche industry as the demand for ultra-high purity quartz sand is growing year-on-year, driven primarily by solar PV demand growth. Our high-value sand products will be developed in stages to suit various applications with one of the main uses being the manufacture of single-use, high purity quartz crucibles, necessary in the silicon wafer manufacture process. Silicon wafers are the fundamental basis for all solar PV cells and all semiconductors manufactured globally.  With a major part of the drill program completed and on track by Mining Plus, and the processing study planned to commence, we are at a pivotal point in unlocking value under a clear forward plan to production, working closely with our world-class strategic partners”.

Photos from left to right:

Top row: 1. AED Drill Rig spinning rods at Sugarbag Hill, 2. Geology Field Technician Fred orientating core.

Bottom row: 3. Senior Geologist Trevor admiring the view at the Sugarbag Hill, 4. Hole #21 Core Tray.


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