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Going Global with Hexagon

Updated: May 31, 2023

Mining Plus has decided to roll out Hexagon to teams across all locations with a global subscription to the software application. Mining Plus’s surface team will continue to use the Deswik and Whittle suites but will now have the added benefit of Hexagon.

Hexagon software solutions are designed to help mining companies optimise their operations and improve efficiency, safety, and profitability. Their wide range of products cover all aspects of the mining process, including exploration, planning, scheduling, and production. Some of the key solutions offered by Hexagon include:

  • HxGN MinePlan

  • HxGN MineOperate

  • HxGN MineProtect

  • HxGN MineMeasure

  • HxGN MineMonitoring

Deswik, focuses specifically on mine planning and design software, with provision for 3D modelling, design optimisation, and scheduling. Their software solutions are designed to help mining companies improve their mine planning and design processes, focusing on maximising the value of their mineral resources. Whittle is a specialised software package focusing on strategic mine planning and optimisation. It provides users with advanced tools for mine design, long-term planning, and financial modelling. Whittle also offers powerful optimisation algorithms that can help users identify the optimal mine plan that maximises the mine’s net present value (NPV) over its entire lifespan.

While Hexagon and Whittle are powerful tools for mine planning and optimisation, they serve

different purposes. Hexagon is more suited for tactical mine planning and optimisation, while Whittle is designed for strategic mine planning and optimisation. Mining Plus is now well placed to apply the most appropriate software application depending on the needs and goals of a mining operation.

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