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Portable PPB Partnership

We are very proud to announce Mining Plus has entered into an agreement with Portable PPB to support infield testing of their proprietary technology, DetectOre – a revolutionary gold analysis system developed in partnership with CSRIO. Mining Plus will be leading the R&D program as a Gold Plus Sponsor.

This technology is expected to disrupt the mining industry by facilitating same day, on-site gold analysis. It will ultimately reduce time and cost to discover and develop a gold deposit. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fast, field-based, adaptive sampling – same day results!

  • Quick identification of gold bearing samples.

  • Gain early insight to metallurgical deposits.

  • Only ship relevant samples to reduce supply chain requirements.

  • Greater confidence in drilling for new discoveries.

Mining Plus recognises the challenge our clients face in adopting new technologies. By maintaining a technology agnostic approach, we can assess and selectively partner with leading applications we believe will unlock value for our clients. Then by leveraging our broad industry expertise, implement these technologies effectively in client operations.

With the Portable PPB partnership, Mining Plus clients will have access to the cutting-edge technology to accelerate discovery and exploration schedules – less holes, less metres and less cost. They will also be able to improve dilution, limit losses, reduce rehandling and enhance processing recoveries. This better flow of information will drive better decisions to directly improve operational bottom line.

Get in touch with Mining Plus today to discuss the value of on-site testing can bring to your project.


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