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Why Define | Plan | Operate?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

At Mining Plus we are able to sum up our service offering in three words, Define, Plan, and Operate. A set of three.

We have embraced the values of Action, Accountability, Diligence and offer services in Geology, Geotechnical Engineering and Mining Engineering... Can you see a pattern? It is a known fact that in sets of three, information is ingrained, so we have designed our framework and offerings to allow our team to understand our brand and be able to pitch what we do best. It is simple, clear and concise, allowing our team to “get it right the first time”.

In the past we had a value set based on the acronym PRACTICAL. The past served a purpose, we just grew to realise that a business should be focused, and implemented new structures to optimise and communicate what we do best.

Our business offering spans the complete mining cycle. Define (or corporate consulting) focuses on early stage projects, mergers and acquisitions and corporate strategy. Plan (or study) focuses on the project study cycle from desktop to feasibility, and Operate is as it suggests, helping our customers implement their studies from key team members to entire technical service departments.

Keep an eye out for our next series of posts over the next few weeks, where we breakdown each of our offerings and focus in on our AWESOME teams.


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