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The Value of 'Getting it Right the First Time'

By Ben Auld Managing Director at Mining Plus

"Get it right the first time!" This is an informal value at Mining Plus that aligns with our more equivalent corporate value of Diligence.

I would like to illustrate a practical and a deeper understanding of the application of this phrase and it's value at Mining Plus. 

Practically; Mining Plus is often at the leading edge of project identification, definition, evaluation and development. An inordinate amount of brainpower, effort, experience, care etc goes into the project work we carry out with the knowledge that what we deliver is only the beginning of much more effort, cost, value, capital, risk etc.

Dan Tucker (Mining Plus Manager for EMEA) took a photo of a sign with a very familiar saying on it.
Dan Tucker (Mining Plus Country Manager for EMEA) found this sign on site, with a very familiar saying!

The projects we plan, model, design and implement over a period of months (and sometimes years), turn into projects that get brought to fruition, developed and mined over a span of years and even decades.

A design which may take months to perfect, is translated into mobilisation, drilling, blasting, haulage, crushing, processing, refining etc for a duration of years. It is this leverage or multiplier effect that means we must 'Get it Right the First Time', because if we don't, the attrition of value to the project may be many, many times the cost of getting it right early in the project life.

After understanding why our mindset at Mining Plus is to continually 'Get it Right the First Time', it is also crucial to explain why we live by the saying 'Mining is Awesome' (if you are a follower of our Mining Plus LinkedIn page, you will have seen our #MiningisAwesome hashtag on every post... If you're not yet following us, be sure to join our Mining Plus community here).

At Mining Plus a core belief of ours is; as world leading mining professionals, we are responsible for the effective and efficient extraction of mineral resources for the benefit of everyone else. What we mean by this, is that when it is understood that the commodities retrieved from mining are fundamental to the daily life of every human on Earth, that really puts into perspective how important (and awesome) mining really is! And because mined materials are needed on a daily basis, we must also acknowledge that we need to 'get it right the first time' as a necessity for our collective future. After all, mining is an Earth science and while we all live on this Earth and use it's resources in everyday life, we must do our best to be responsible for the future, and for the benefit of everyone else.  

This is why 'Get it Right the First Time' is so important, and why 'Mining is Awesome' means so much to us at Mining Plus. 


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