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Operational Analysis and Improvement

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Over the past 15 years, Mining Plus has been involved in hundreds of projects to help improve our customers' operations, from improving the mine plan and its execution, to the implementation of technology. It’s a skill set inherent within our teams, built from their individual experiences and the greater Byrnecut Group. After a rethink of our capabilities and what Mining Plus can offer, we have moved to formalise our capability in Operational Analysis and Improvement and develop processes around how we work and conduct reviews of mine sites to analyse what can be improved.

Areas of analysis can include:

  • Mine plan optimisation from development to implementation

  • Cost reduction projects

  • Ventilation and major services optimisation

  • Organisational reviews

  • Traffic management assessments

  • Technology application and implementation assessments

  • Ground control management plan reviews

  • Backfill management plan reviews

  • Drill and blast reviews

  • Grade control systems

  • Constraint identification and management

It is normal for an improvement project to start broad and focus on specific areas for improvement. Our approach brings discipline to the process but relies on site experts to drive change.

Our process starts with analysing the performance of a mining operation against its planned performance and industry standards. Improvement opportunities can then be identified and a change management plan is developed. Our process uses tried and tested systems and processes developed in conjunction with operations, and tailored to the specific needs and outcomes required by the individual customer.

We understand a successful improvement project must add sustainable value to a mining operation, and that value can differ among various operations. We also understand that operators need a fast turn-around time and succinct, factual and concise recommendations in this dynamic economic environment. At Mining Plus we believe every company has a huge resource of human potential that is untapped and could already hold many improvement ideas, for which they need credit for.

Mining Plus can assemble an experienced team across all the necessary disciplines, or join the customer’s team in a specialty area using established analytical systems to provide a positive outcome.

The development of this product will expand the services currently provided by Mining Plus to more comprehensively cover the full Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of continuous improvement with a focus on activities in the Check-Act phases of the process.

To discuss the Mining Plus capabilities in Operational Analysis and Improvement, and how they can highly benefit your project, get in touch with us here.


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