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Mining Plus North America Stats 2019

By Zach Allwright Country Manager - Mining Plus North America

Mining Plus North America has hit the ground running into 2020!

This has established a very strong start to the year, and a continuation from a highly successful 2019, where target diversification was achieved across a wide commodity spread.

Precious metals (gold and silver) comprised over half of the project split, a strong increase on the previous year, emphasizing our well-developed capability in this area.

2019 demonstrated an emerging demand for open-pit to underground transitional projects, comprising 9% of our project workload.

Similar to 2018, 70% of North American business was devised of underground projects, once again confirming the notoriety Mining Plus has for delivering high-quality outcomes for underground clients and operations.

The achievement of target diversification across commodities, project stage and discipline focus, has ensured Mining Plus North America remains well-positioned to deliver successful results for our clients into 2020.

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