High Purity Quartz Limited Award Major Contract To Mining Plus

Mining Plus & High Purity Quartz – 21st October

High Purity Quartz Limited Award Major Contract to Mining Plus

Mining Plus Pty Ltd (MP) has been awarded the long-term major contract by High Purity Quartz Ltd (HPQ) for the development of the Sugarbag Hill Quartz Project, located in Far North Queensland.

The major contract involves a long-term strategic relationship between MP and HPQ for the development of the Sugarbag Hill mining operation. HPQ has engaged MP on an exclusive basis for all three planned phases of the project, as outlined below:

  1. Resource Drilling program and Mineral Resource Estimate

  2. Mining Studies (Feasibility Level) and Operations Readiness

  3. Mining Operations

High Purity Quartz Ltd (HPQ) is a new entrant into the global high purity quartz sand market, with near term plans join a very limited group of high purity quartz sand producers. HPQ Ltd will supply manufacturers of ultra-high purity applications such as optics, Solar PV and Semiconductor wafers. HPQ Ltd will export its products under an Offtake and Sales & Distribution Agreement signed earlier this year with Wogen Resources Limited.

HPQ Ltd operates out of two primary locations in Australia. In Far North Queensland the company owns a high purity quartz resource, held under a long term mining lease over the Sugarbag Hill deposit. The Sugarbag Hill quartz has an in situ purity of 99.99% SiO2. The company maintains its corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Mined quartz will be pre-processed in Queensland, and a crushed aggregate will be transported by rail to the company’s processing plant in Melbourne, Victoria, with finished products exported via the Port of Melbourne.

Mining Plus are a leading mining technical services provider, consisting of professionals specialising in geology, mining engineering (surface and underground), geotechnical engineering, mine ventilation and operational management. Mining Plus has diversified experience in a broad range of mineral commodities across the project value chain, from the conceptual stage of projects, right through to feasibility study work, project delivery, commissioning, operations and mine closure.

Stuart Jones, HPQ Ltd CEO commented “this is another key milestone in HPQ Ltd’s strategy to develop this critical mineral project. We are delighted to be working with the experts at Mining Plus on a strategic partnership basis”.

Stuart Jones – Chief Executive Officer, High Purity Quartz & Brad Evans – General Manager, Mining Plus, congratulate each other on the signing of the major contract agreement as part of the long term strategic relationship between HPQ and MP for the development of the mining operation at the Sugarbag Hill Quartz Deposit in Far North Queensland.

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