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Nick Nifakos

Corporate Consultant

Nick describes himself as a born and bred 'Melbournian'. He is a highly skilled individual, but has a great sense of humour to match it. Nick has been at Mining Plus for almost two years as a Corporate Consultant.


Check out our Q&A with Nick below.


Tell us about your position at Mining Plus and how long you have been here: 

I am approaching two years now with Mining Plus. My role is a Corporate Consultant. It's a newly formed role and one that has proven successful. Mining Plus Management identified that a fusion of business development, commercial and strategic overview coupled with business support would create a competitive edge to their services, add rigour, and strengthen external and internal dynamics (processors). They (and I) have proven that to be correct!

Tell us a bit about your journey to becoming a Corporate Consultant. 

It started back in the late 90s at ANZ McCaughans / Securities (a stockbroking firm). Started my career in the back office (administration). Was attracted to the colour and noise of the front office (sales and corporate activity). One thing I know about myself is that I like helping people and businesses get ahead, move forward and kick goals. Corporate Consulting was a no brainer. Naturally, I ended up there because that is what I truly wanted. I have basically had 15+ yrs in consultation experience varying from financial to corporate services since. And I'm still doing it!


What do you enjoy about your particular position, working in the Mining industry and Mining Plus? 

People. Business. Goals. I am a gregarious animal with a passion for mining business. Mining Plus is one big global family and I get to be myself, if that makes sense. Mining is the backbone of every industry. Without it we would not be here and we will not be able to get to where we want to be. Take the laptop or phone you are reading from. How many minerals where required to build that? How many machines helped make it? I'm a mining advocate. My position allows me to converse with like-minded people and Mining Plus embodies my belief.

What do you get up to in your free time to escape the working week? 

Working on the farm, helping exploration and mining companies advance (yes, it's a hobby!) and catching up with loved ones. 

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