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Cecilia Artica

Principal Geology Consultant

Cecilia is both a very skilled Peruvian geologist and humble family oriented individual. She has been at Mining Plus for 1 year as a Principal Geology Consultant. 


Check out our Q&A with Cecilia below.


Tell us about your position at Mining Plus and how long you have been here: 

My role as a Principal Geology Consultant involves mostly undertaking resource estimates and/or auditing or reviewing other resource estimates. I decided to get into the industry and pursue this particular position because honestly it is the perfect job for me! I enjoy the constant challenges and problem solving, working with clients to achieve results (which can sometimes be a bit challenging and stressful) but it keeps me motivated. I have been at Mining Plus for about 1 year.

Tell us a bit about your journey to becoming a Principal Geologist. 

The journey started in University. I wasn’t really planning to be a geologist when I was at school, but sat the entrance exam just to see how I would go - and excitedly, I passed! My grandfather worked in the mining industry in Peru and I admired him, so I gave it a try. The more information I learnt about geology, the more I enjoyed it- Especially the field trips and travelling around the country with my classmates (who are now still some of my closest friends). After uni I worked in exploration for about 10 years, before joining a consultancy and then deciding to grow my career by joining Mining Plus- and now I'm here! 


What do you enjoy about your particular position, working in the Mining industry and Mining Plus? 

Like above, I enjoy being involved in an industry where there are constant challenges and results- it's stressful but it's rewarding.

I have worked for other consulting companies, but what I love about Mining Plus is the dynamic environments and constant 'can-do' attitude. The management is very respectful of both its clients and staff, and that also means a lot to me.

What do you get up to in your free time to escape the working week? 

My favourite thing is to spend time with my daughter and husband going to parks or going out for lunch. I also like to stay fit and go for a run or do cross-fit when I can. 

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